Shoreline Chic: The Charm of Cape May Diamonds


Let's chat about Cape May Diamonds, the little sparklers from New Jersey that are masquerading as their glitzier carbon cousins. No, they're not the kind of diamonds that'll have jewelers reaching for their loupes, but they've got a down-to-earth charm that could win over the toughest crowd. They're actually quartz – yeah, the stuff sand is made of – that’s been getting a natural spa treatment in the Delaware River for a few thousand years before ending up on the shores of Cape May, New Jersey.

Now, while these stones won't cut glass, they've got their own quirky charm. They start off pretty ordinary, but give them a good tumble, and they start to think they’re the real deal. It’s a classic case of ‘fake it till you make it’, and frankly, they do a pretty good job.

Our Cape May Diamond jewelry? It’s for the discerning soul who understands that true value isn't measured on the Mohs scale. Each piece is a nod to nature's understated elegance, crafted for those who can spot a diamond in the rough – or in this case, a quartz on the beach. Our Cape May Diamond jewelry is for those who appreciate a gem with a backstory and character.

And for the purists out there, we offer the unadulterated version: bags of tumbled Cape May Diamonds for $7. These aren't just stones; they're like tiny pieces of the Jersey shoreline, ready to spark conversations and smiles. They're perfect for those who appreciate a treasure hunt, a story, and a bit of sparkle – no mining required. Ideal for crafting, gifting, collecting, or even skipping across the water (though that’s a bit of a waste of a perfectly good quartz, if you ask me).

In a nutshell, if you’re looking to dazzle and a lot of character, our Cape May Diamonds are your best bet. They’re authentic, they’re local, and they’ve got more personality than any old rock pulled from the ground.

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