About Us

At VAEL Designs, we don’t just make jewelry; we make rocks apologize for not being this cool sooner. Delving into the beauty and energy of the natural world, we handcraft artisanal pieces that might just make Mother Nature herself a tad jealous.

Nestled in East Windsor, NJ (where the coffee flows and the ideas don’t stop), we’ve been turning heads and stones into jaw-droppers since 2006. Our ingredients? Only the finest! Gemstones, pearls, and some sterling silver charm, all whipped up into a dazzling display.

Ever strolled the serene beaches of Cape May? Our jewelry line is like that, but wearable. It’s like capturing a serene beach walk, minus the sandy toes. From tumbled rocks to Cape May Diamonds, our pieces are the ocean’s way of saying, “You clean up nicely.”

And speaking of unique, we don’t just stop at off-the-shelf glitz. Our custom design service is here to turn your “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” into “Wow, it IS cool!”

So, if your jewelry box feels like it’s missing a piece of the ‘Wow’ factor, or you’re just looking to upstage Mother Nature a bit, give VAEL Designs a whirl. Heck, even if you’re just here for the ocean vibes or to support a noble cause, we’ve got you. Dive in and discover the VAEL difference today!