Our Story

In 2006, a significant milestone marked a new beginning in both my life and the inception of what would become a beacon of hope and solidarity for many. It was the year my mother celebrated her fifth year as a breast cancer survivor—a moment that signified triumph, resilience, and the dawn of a new chapter. To honor this remarkable achievement, I crafted a single breast cancer awareness bracelet for her, a symbol of her strength and victory over an adversary that had touched our lives so deeply.

This simple gesture, shared on my fledgling jewelry site, unexpectedly sowed the seeds for a movement that would extend far beyond our personal story. Soon, individuals from various walks of life began reaching out, requesting bracelets to represent their own battles, survivals, and the memories of loved ones touched by different forms of cancer. Each request was a story, a life, a fight that deserved recognition and support.

Driven by the overwhelming response and the shared stories of courage, our collection grew organically. What began as a single bracelet evolved into a diverse array of awareness jewelry, each piece a testament to someone's battle, survival, or cherished memory. The stories I heard were profound, moving me to the core and uniting us in a shared journey of hope and support.

In 2009, recognizing the deep personal connections people had with these symbols of awareness, we introduced an engraving machine to add a more personal touch. Our sterling silver hearts became canvases for personalized messages, allowing wearers to carry their stories, tributes, and messages of hope wherever they went.

As our collection expanded, so did the scope of awareness we embraced. While my personal journey began with my mother's battle with breast cancer, life brought new challenges that further broadened our mission. My daughter's diagnosis with celiac disease and my husband's recent battle with a rare blood cancer introduced new frontiers of awareness and advocacy into our lives and, consequently, into our collection.

With each bracelet sold, we commit to donating $5 towards research and the quest for cures, a pledge to not only honor those we've lost but to champion the fight for those who continue to battle. This journey, inspired by personal trials and communal resilience, has transformed our small gesture of love into a shared mission of hope, support, and unity.

Our awareness line is more than jewelry; it's a symbol of the collective heart, strength, and unwavering support that binds us all. It's a reminder that, together, we can face the toughest challenges and make a difference in the lives of those who fight, survive, and inspire us every day.